JG job circular in December 2016

Hello BD Jobs Seeker, Welcome to the nextbdjobs.com Jobs | Are you looking for all about the JG job circular in December 2016  bdjobs circular / Chakrir khobor details here. This circular is available and you can see here all information for getting job.

JG job circular in December 2016
JG job circular in December 2016

Currently the JG company is looking for young, dynamic and energetic young candidate to work with the core management team .If you really looking for this Jobs, Please Read the below content carefully to get the perfect full perception. We collected for you JG job Government / Private / Bank Job Vacancies Full information. Apply Now!! The circular details are following bellow:

JG job circular in December 2016

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Post Name: See the circular

Institute Name: Janani Group

Number of job vacancies: See the circular

Type of Jobs: Marketing and sales

Job category: Full Time

Job Level: Entry / Mid / Top Level

Job description: See the circular

Educational Requirements: MBA, Post Graduate ,Graduation , HSC, SSC

Experience Requirements: See the circular

Additional Job Requirements:  See the circular

Other Benefits: As per company policy.

Salary: According to company policy.

Jobs Location: See the circular

Age limit for jobs: See the circular

Job Posting Date:18 December 2016

Jobs Deadline: 2 January 2017

Jobs Source: Bd protidin

Email: N/A

Web Address: http://www.jananigroupbd.com/

Address: JANANI GROUP,33 Topkhana Road,Meherba Plaza (9th Floor),Dhaka–1000

J Circular

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