7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory

Your Memory

Hello BD Jobs Seeker, Welcome to the nextbdjobs.com Jobs. Memory is a place where the brain puts all the information and reminds them from time to time. The memories began to decline with age. Small things such as where to put the key Ringer, name of closed ones, phone number, etc. we began to forget with age. Although it is normal procedure, but there are some ways by which we can increase our memory power.

Your Memory
1. Physical labor:
Not only physical exertion will help keep you fit, it also helps to increase your memory power. But for this you will not need to do a lot of manual labor. General Walking, morning walk, run, exercises like cycling will help you to increase your memory power. Physical labor will help you to increase circulation of blood in your brain. You can easily increase your brain power with physical labor. Try to some exercise daily for 1 hour. You can also do some household chores to improve your memory.
2. Mental effort:
A study of Stanford University found that 30% to 50% of the memory loss can be prevented with mental labor such as playing chess; by solving the Riddle, by reading books or newspapers, or by learning a new language. People who use more mental effort than others can increase their mental power easily. Try to solve puzzle, riddle and play darts to increase memory power naturally. Make assignment and presentation by yourself.
3. Concentration for eight seconds:
At present, we all try to do work faster. We read quickly, look quickly, memorize quickly and also forget quickly. According to experts, if you want to keep information in mind that try to keep attention for at least eight seconds on the topics. This is how your brain will be store information for a long time. Focus on your work for long time and keep attention more and more. Concentration on a specific work or topics can be easily memorized. Try to concentrate on information and recall information quickly. Try to solve all type of familiar problems, and execute those familiar tasks with a maximum of mental effort
4. Chewing Gum:
Although it does not directly increase the memory power but helps to increase the attention in the head. Chewing gum only helps to increase 10% in attention from the 10 general public. According to a study in 2004-2005, people who chew gum during listening can remember more than other people. Whenever you want to memorize something hard and complicated try to chew a gum and memorize. It is a small but effective tip to increase the memory and brain power fast. You can also chew some nuts for long time which is also a great way for increasing memory power.
5. Caffeine:
Although the debate about the benefits and disadvantages of caffeine is still going on but it really affects the growth of memory. Various studies have shown that caffeine prevent the short-term memory loss and helps to increase the memory power. You can also drink green tea for increasing memory power. According to a study people who drink black coffee daily for 2 times have more thinking power than others. And people who drink green tea 2 times daily have 3 times more brain power than people who drink black coffee. So you can drink black coffee or green tea whatever you want.
6. Deeply thinking and examining:
If you want to keep information in mind, it may be the key Ringer, or someone else’s phone number or the name of someone else then Listen to it very carefully. Please note that what the color of the key ring was, hear the name well. You’ll see it will be a long time in your memory. Do not skip thinking. Deep thinking can help you to improve your memory power and can help you to memorize more efficiently. Examine all the things properly. Without examining you cannot memorize main things proper way.
7. Enough sleep:
After the day’s work, our body needs adequate sleep. Do you know that improper sleep can make us ill? We should sleep minimum 6 hours daily and maximum 10 hours daily to stay fit and healthy. Try to create a specific routine for sleep. Follow the rules and go to sleep early in night and sleep at least 8 hours per day. Try to wake up early in the morning and do not stay for long night. Enough sleep is really necessary to stay fit ad health from mentally and physically. Do not stay for long time before TV or computer. Drink detoxes water daily in the morning on empty stomach. Detox water also helps you to increase memory power by eliminating all poisonous toxins and materials from body and mind. So follow these instructions

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